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About Us

Welcome to Dubai Foot Products, the leading supplier of foot care products to Dubai and the UAE 


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Whether you’re standing up all day on the job, sightseeing on your latest trip or taking a morning walk, your feet work hard from morning to night, carrying you through work and play, from one place to another. If you’re not careful, however, you may start feeling the effects of overworked, under supported or improperly aligned feet, ankles, legs and knees… and sooner than you think. Dubai Foot Products is a division of Dr Foot. We are one of the leading suppliers of foot care products in the world. Our team consists of podiatrists and doctors who are experts in foot care and biomechanics.



  • Operated by experts in foot problems
  • Provide free advice for all types of foot pain.
  • Quality products at a affordable price.
  • We have podiatrists available who can speak and read Arabic if required.
  • We bring expert foot care to Dubai and the UAE!


We provide the highest level of customer service and foot products to Dubai and the entire UAE.

Mr Hussain - Company CEO

Exceptional customer service

We care about your feet!

We at dubai foot products know that when you feet and legs hurt then you feel miserable all over which is why we aim to deliver the highest standard of customer service at all times. This will include dealing with enquiries over the telephone, in writing via email or letter. We also welcome feedback and are pleased to receive comments and suggestions for improvement to our standards of service.

Podiatrists available

Not sure which foot product you need? email us at and we will provide you expert advice based on your symptoms.

Foot products

We provide highest quality foot care products. Dubai foot products is an online store that offers the best orthopedic products and foot care products on the market that are not only designed to improve foot comfort, but also foot health.


Dubai Foot Products is honoured to support the Jyot Charitable Trust which has helped the rehabilitation of thousands of disabled patients in India by providing them artificial limbs.

The mission of the trust is to rehabilitate disabled persons and up-liftment of the weaker section of society especially, handicapped, aged, sick etc., irrespective of caste, creed, sex or religion. The Trust is also engaged in providing artificial limbs and other orthopaedic aids/appliances and other facilities for disabled persons. We also support ODC (organ donor campaign) by providing logistical and financial aid to enable the organization to increase public awareness of the need for organ donation. Over nine thousand people in the UK are currently waiting for a transplant and approximately one in ten will die waiting. Research indicates that while ninety per cent of Britons claim they would donate their organs, less than a quarter of the population are actually on the organ donor register. With a predicted seven per cent annual increase in demand for transplants, the need to increase organ donors is critically more urgent.

Custom orthotics and Sandals

Dubai Foot Products provides bespoke custom orthotics and sandals are a perfect match to your feet, providing a personalised interface between you and your shoes. This gives you the ultimate in support and balance. Bespoke Custom Orthotics are carved in our lab from your foot impressions. So they match your feet perfectly for custom support. All are available in full-length or 3/4-length.