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Treat athletes foot now

Athletes Foot

athletesfoot uaeThe term athlete’s foot is a highly misleading word, as this condition does not only occur in athletes. Athlete’s foot is a common name given to a fungus infection of the skin in between the toes. Podiatrists may refer to this condition as Tinea Pedis. The fungus spores that are involved are called dermatophytes. The patient will experience severe pain from the condition.

Symptoms include dry and itchy lesions. Patients often report a burning or stinging sensation. A common associated condition with athletes foot is a fungal nail infection. If athletes foot is not treated the lesion can become infected and extremely painful.

It develops in warm, humid places such as communal changing areas or swimming baths. It also develops in tight fitting shoes and socks which, due to the heat and moisture generated within, is an ideal breeding ground for this fungus.

This fungus exists on dead hair, nail and skin tissue which multiplies in warm and moist temperatures. It causes a range of symptoms such as cracked, peeling skin which is a common feature of this disease.

People who live in a hot climate such as Dubai and the UAE or often visit humid places such as swimming baths are at greater risk of contracting this disease. Contrary to the name, you don’t have to be an athlete to develop this condition.