Best Seller: Gehwol Mint 125ml Tube

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Cools and refreshes immediately


Product Description

Keep your feet feeling fresh and fit with this very light emulsion. Its cooling properties will soothe burning feet.

Made from Asian medicinal plant oils with the gentle caring effectiveness of a rapidly absorbing balm.

Cools and refreshes immediately
Gently caring.
Rapidly absorbed.
Prevents athlete’s feet.

This cream is a must during summer for people who don’t like to wear socks.



Apply once or twice a day.


Rosemary Oil: Stimulating, gives increased feeling of well being, activates and improves blood circulation, bactericide.
Mountain Pine Oil: Stimulating, refreshing, disinfecting and deodorizing effect.
Lavender Oil: Relaxing, has soothing effect, promotes healing process, and gives feeling of well-being, germicide.


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