Gehwol Herbal Bath 400g folding bucket

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Softens corns and calluses.


Product Description

A refreshing bath for tired, burning and aching feet. Soothes burned, dry and chapped skin.

Softens corns and calluses, normalizes foot perspiration and brings elasticity to the skin.
For rough, cracked skin, corns, foot odour and perspiration.

For a long-lasting, pleasant feeling of freshness; keeps the skin elastic. Foot perspiration is normalized and foot odour eliminated.

Has an intensive cleansing action and long-lasting deodorizing effect, prevents athlete’s feet.



Use one to three times a week.

Please note that the foot baths are packaged in a special foil so that essential oils which they contain do not loose their strength keep them closed properly and do not store in direct light.


Camphor: Is absorbed very well by the skin together with vegetable oils. Supports blood circulation and stimulates metabolism.
Rosemary Oil: Stimulating, gives increased feeling of well being, activates and improves blood circulation, bactericide.
Lavender Oil: Relaxing, has soothing effect, promotes healing process, and gives a feeling of well-being, germicide.
Mountain Pine Oil: Stimulating, refreshing, disinfecting and deodorizing effect.


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