Heel Rite Day Splint

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Heel-Rite is very effective in relieving heel pain caused by plantar fasciitis / heel-spurs.


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Product Description

Heel-Rite is very effective in relieving heel pain caused by plantar fasciitis / heel-spurs.

Recommendations for Achieving Optimum Results

Heel-Rite is designed to be used during the day while you are on your feet. During the first week, Heel-Rite should be worn as much as possible when on your feet. If your heel pain is bad, you may have to begin by using Heel-Rite for half-days only.

Throughout the day adjust the tension of the straps to maintain maximum support yet not so tight as to cause further irritation or ache. As your heel pain begins to subside during weeks 2 & 3, wear Heel-Rite for half-days or on alternate days. By the end of week 3 you may find that you only need to use the support on an occasional basis when walking or standing is in high demand, or if your heel pain begins to return.


Heel Rite Day Splint
The bulleted items summarize how to use Heel-Rite:*Use during the day when on your feet.
*Avoid using support at night during sleep.
*Adjust the tension of straps periodically for ideal support.
*Wear for shorter periods initially if heel pain is bad.
*Taper off on its use as heel pain subsides.What Shoes Work the Best?

Heel-Rite can be used in most shoes but it works best in laced up shoes or athletic shoes, trainers, sandals or other open backed shoes. Avoid tight fitting shoes with high heels and/or poor arch support.

Heel-Rite comes in 2 sizes to ensure a perfect fit:


S/M: 4-9

L/XL: 10-14+


S/M: 3-9

L/XL: 10-13+

Easy Step-by-Step Fitting Instructions:

1. Place the foot into support with the heel into the hole. Fasten the foot strap first while pulling the support towards your toe. It is important that you do this properly so the strap that supports the heel is positioned just in front of the heel. Then fasten the strap that wraps around the leg. When fitted properly no material should bunch up around the ankle. (Figure 1)

2. Loop strap through metal clips on each side of the support (Figure 2)

3. Pull the ends of the straps upwards and towards the back (Figure 3). With equal tension on each strap, pull them snug until you feel pressure on the underside of the foot where the heel meets the arch

4. While holding the straps tight, crisscross them around the back of the heel and attach them around the sides and front to the hook and loop material on the opposite side from which each strap originated (Figure 4).

5. The support when fully fitted should look like the one demonstrated in Figure 6 and you should notice what feels like a slight bounce in your step or a lifting of your arch when you walk.

Important Safety Precautions:

WARNING: This support provides compressive forces, it should not be worn by those with circulatory problems, diabetes, neuropathy or any other conditions that decreases sensation in the foot! Nor should it be worn by those with skin problems such as rashes, irritations, diseases or ulcers.

This support should only be worn during the day. DO NOT wear this support during the night when sleeping. Also it is recommended not to use this splint and the FXT night splint as the plantar fascia needs time to heal.

If your toes go numb or turn blue, purple or white, the support is too tight. First loosen the straps a little. If this doesn’t help, then discontinue the use of the support immediately and consult with your health professional. You may require a larger size.

Discontinue use immediately if you notice numbness, swelling, cramping, or a worsening pain developing in the foot or leg.

Washing Instructions:

*Hand or machine wash in warm water using a mild soap

*Air Dry


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Heel Rite Day Splint

Large Mens UK Shoe Size 10-14+ USA 11-15+ Womens UK Shoe Size 10-13+ USA 11-15+, Small Mens UK Shoe Size 4-9 USA 5-10 Womens UK Shoe Size 3-9 USA 4-10


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